Return / Collection of Filled Boxes

If you have received your boxes from a local Rotary Club or other organisation, please contact them first to arrange for them to collect your boxes locally.

We can only collect our own completed shoeboxes (see picture)   Minimum collection 25 boxes
You have several ways of returning filled boxes to us, and it will depend on where your boxes are stored. They should ALL be ready, and in one venue if collection is required.
• Personal delivery direct to our Main warehouse
• Deliver to a local  warehouse
• Complete the form below to request collection of filled boxes

MAIN WAREHOUSE (Please contact us first to ensure someone is there to receive them)

Tel: 01772 612586 (calls will normally be connected to an answer phone, plus please be aware the warehouse is staffed by volunteers who are not in every day.)

International Aid Trust, Longton Business Park,
Station Road
, Much Hoole, Preston PR4 5LE

Rotary controls the running and organisation of the Shoebox Scheme, and express their thanks to International Aid Trust for allowing us the use of their premises

Please Note

If you have monies to send to the scheme, you can transfer by:
BACS – Bank code 40 52 40  
and Account ref: 00022754
Please email: 
to inform us of your payment

or send a cheque with details of who you are to: Shoebox Treasurer, 
10 Greenshank Close, Rochdale OL11 5QE .
Thank you

Please do not under any circumstances give cash to the carrier when boxes are collected, as they are not employees of the Rotary Shoebox Scheme.

If you are from Channel Islands, Dorset, Hampshire, Isle of Wight and part of Wiltshire (Amesbury, Salisbury, Wilton)

Please be aware another Shoebox Scheme is also in operation as well, which is not part of the Rotary Shoebox Scheme, but managed by Rotary District 1110 and you can contact them by emailing:
(They operate with actual shoeboxes and only at Christmas)