Return / Collection of Filled Boxes

If you have received your boxes from a local Rotary Club or other organisation, please contact them to arrange for them to collect your boxes locally.

You have several ways of returning filled boxes to us, and it will depend on where your boxes are stored.
They should ALL be ready, and in one venue if collection is required.

We only collect our boxes which are like this

Deliver back to us

Deliver to a local  warehouse
Contact us to see if one available near you
Deliver to our warehouse in Oldham
Rotary Shoebox Scheme
Buckley Transport, The Old Gasworks
Higginshaw Lane, Oldham OL2 6HQ
( What 3 Words /// booth, branded, react )
The warehouse is not managed all the time so you would need arrange
an appointment by phoning:
Gill Danby on Mob: 07887 884198  Home: 01706 643241 (weekdays 9am – 4pm)

Arrange for us to collect them

To Arrange a Collection – Login to your account or create a new account and follow the links.
(See link at the top right corner of any page) Or CLICK HERE

From MAIN menu click ARRANGE COLLECTION and complete & submit form
You will receive a confirmation Ref and contact details for Collections Manager

Minimum collection 25 boxes

Please do not under any circumstances give cash to the carrier when boxes are collected, as they are not employees of the Rotary Shoebox Scheme.

Visit DONATE page for how to send us money


It is really important that we retain a standard of our box contents level, so all recipients are treated equally, and we would respectfully ask you to assist in this matter

Although it is impossible to check all boxes for content, we do open boxes that feel unnaturally light to check and we have found up to 25% of some deliveries we receive back, cannot be dispatched as they are not adequately filled, and must be put to one side for repacking. This is very labour-intensive, needing volunteers we don’t have enough of. We now have a very large number of boxes that need repacking which are taking up valuable warehouse space and should be on their way.

Please ensure that your supporters do not include any type of food, drink, sweets or chocolates they are ALL classed as food for which we can incur an extremely large fine if found by customs, and the full load in excess of 11k boxes potentially could be destroyed. (All these items have been removed recently)