Order flat pack boxes from:

Rotary Shoebox Scheme
10 Greenshank Close
   OL11 5QE

We use various couriers to deliver the boxes and this usually takes 10 to 14 days

Note! While we ask you to pay up front for the boxes, remember that when the filled boxes are returned to you, the £1 coins attached to the filled box lids,
are then removed and kept by you, so reimbursing you for most of your initial outlay.

Why is there a minimum order of 25 boxes?
It all comes down to the cost of transport, it is not financially viable to supply an order of less than 25 boxes at £2 each, then collect them when filled, and send them on to Eastern Europe.

Send your order and remittance. (Minimum order 25 boxes)
25 boxes to 199 (£2.00 each)
200 boxes to 299 (£1.50 each)
300 boxes to 499 (£1.20 each)
500 boxes to 699 (£1.00 each)
700 boxes to 999 (£0.95 each)
   1000+ (£0.90 each)

There are no extra charges for delivery or collection
( 1 Order = 1 Delivery + 1 Collection )

You can Pay by Bank Transfer/BACS or Cheque

To order and pay by Bank Transfer / BACS:

Calculate the cost of the quantity of boxes you wish to order from the list above
and make the appropriate transfer, referencing with your name or organisation. to:

Bank Account number 00022754    Sort Code 40-52-40
On completion of transfer, complete the form on the right


To order and pay by cheque:
Please print the order form
 and follow the instructions on the form: Print Order Form