Covid 19 Update

You may be aware we rent part of a warehouse in Preston and have been unable to deliver or collect boxes since the warehouse closed at the start of lockdown.

Although things have loosened up we still have no working access, and have decided to move, and from the 1st September we will be renting our own warehouse in Oldham.
Oldham is where we started over 25 years ago. We can then start getting back to normal and will display details early September.

We greatly appreciate the patience of our supporters during this difficult time for everyone, and especially those still holding filled boxes that need collecting.
We are fully committed to continuing the scheme and are in the process of finalising a new online ordering system that will give customers better information on how their requests are progressing.

Please no longer visit or try to contact the IAT warehouse in Preston, as it is still closed

If your organisation, club or group are meeting online during the pandemic, we would be very happy speak about the Rotary Shoebox Scheme to a meeting.

Please contact Colin Ince through the ‘Contact Us’ link above, giving details of the time and date of the meeting.


All schools, groups and organisations that wish to support our mission to spread a little happiness to disadvantaged children and adults in Eastern Europe.


We do this by sending Rotary Shoeboxes full of gifts, filled by our supporters, and then dispatched to trusted partners for distribution in the receiving country.


They are available through the website, or from a local Rotary club that supports the scheme. The £2.00 cost of the box is fully inclusive.

Why support us?

We have been operating over 25 years and have delivered over one million boxes
We are a UK registered not for profit charity with no paid employees
Rotary has no religious or political affiliations, and no leaflets are added to the boxes
We operate all year – Not just at Christmas
The boxes only cost £2.00 each which is less than most on the market.
We are not associated to any other shoebox charity

There are four types of content for filling Shoeboxes

You choose the type of content for each box

  • TOYS ~ for Boys & Girls

    Cars, trucks, etc, balls, complete jigsaws, action figures, colouring books, pens, crayons, lego blocks, yo-yo, bubble blowers, wooden and plastic toys, building blocks, pencil case, pencil sharpener, dominoes, modelling clay, plasticine & cutters, fluffy toys, dolls, stickers, writing pads, skipping rope, scarf, mittens / gloves, hat, harmonica, games, cards…

  • BABY ~ Age up to 12months & New Mothers

    This is given to new mothers and can include baby wipes, baby shampoo, baby oil, talc powder, bonnet, bootees and mitts, baby grow, knitted matinee coat, small soft toy or plastic  rattle etc…

  • TEENAGER ~ For young people up to 18 years age

    Sportswear, scarf, gloves, socks, hat, football memorabilia, writing materials, games, playing cards, tennis ball, tooth brush & paste, roll-on deodorants, comb, mirror, costume jewellery, make-up, hair brush, toiletries, school stationery, clothing repair kits, sketch pad, coloured pens / pencils…

  • HOUSEHOLD ~ For older folk & families

    Scarves, gloves, hats, wrapped soap, toothpaste, toothbrush, disposable razors, shampoo, soap flakes, pan scourers, antiseptic cream, bandages, face or body creams, cosmetics, pens, writing pad & envelopes, T lights, candles, sewing kit, scissors…

  • What not to include

    Please do not include in boxes the following: Food, sweets, chocolate & drinks, battery operated toys, conflict related items, matches, inflammable liquids, inflammable aerosols (e.g.: deodorants & hair spray), seeds or any other living material, automatic washing machine powders

    For safety – Please securely sellotape tops of liquid containers. Protect anything sharp and do not put anything sharp into the Toys box.

  • Download this information

    Print ~ A4 Sheet PDF

During the present Coronavirus restrictions we are unable to deliver or collect Rotary Shoeboxes

The warehouse has been closed, so we are unable to dispatch boxes and receive deliveries of completed boxes.

If you would like to receive updates to the situation as it changes, hopefully over the coming weeks, please visit this website, subscribe to our newsletter or facebook page where the information will be shown

A group of students from Holy Cross 6th Form College, Bury filled and decorated 57 Rotary shoeboxes supplied by the Rotary Club of Bury

Where do our boxes go?

Regular deliveries to

Ukraine – Kiev    Moldova – Chisinau

Romania – Iasi, Baia Mare, Cluj Napoca, Tinaud & Siria

For full details visit Box Distribution