There are many people in need of assistance in Belarus.  Chernobyl Aid UK volunteers personally deliver Rotary shoeboxes to people in various locations across the country at the same time as delivering aid.  Many of the people who receive are children from poor families or are disabled.  For more information please go to


Pasha Ozeruga is International Aid Trust’s manager for Ukraine and is based in Kiev.  He is responsible for distributing many tons of humanitarian aid each across government controlled Ukraine to a variety of organisations and individuals.  The charity arranges summer camps for children who otherwise would not have a holiday and supports over fifty sponsored families.  He gives Rotary shoeboxes to those families and children and to a large number of poor people in children’s homes, elderly people’s homes, schools for children with disabilities, street children in shelters, offenders’ institutions and alcohol and drug rehabilitation centres. Pasha is working in an environment where welfare from the state is very limited and poverty, specially in rural communities is commonplace.
Pasha’s wife, Ira, is the Sponsored Families Manager and works tirelessly alongside Pasha and the other members of the local team.



Moldova is perhaps the poorest country in Europe and we have increased the number of shoeboxes being delivered to it.  Working with the Rotary clubs in the capital Chisinau, who receive the consignments, Rotary shoeboxes are sent to contacts we have given them such as Hope & Homes for Children’s partner CCF Moldova; the Spurgeons project in the village of Vadul Lui Isaac and the Red Cross.  In addition the local Rotarians deliver shoeboxes to many other groups of people in need.


We have worked for many years with Hope & Homes delivering to their Romanian base in Baia Mare in the NW of the country. The charity is greatly respected by Romanian authorities for bringing best practice to child care and assisting with the closure of state institutions for orphans, often economic orphans, and disabled children. The children are either reunited with their families, fostered or adopted by Romanian families, or moved to Small Family Homes living in groups of about 10 with a house parent. Many of the young people in care are teenagers and some have mild to severe learning difficulties. The charity also supports vulnerable families and works in partnership with other organisations helping some of the poorest Romanians including those from the Roma people.
Hope & Homes is working in the majority of counties across the country so Rotary shoeboxes are given to children and families the length and breadth of Romania.


This Rotary club has distributed many tens of thousands of shoeboxes across NE Romania over the years. Rotarians in this club and other Rotary clubs that receive boxes from Iasi to deliver to their own communities are inspired by the energetic Iasi 2000 member Liviu Statache. Liviu and the many willing volunteers deliver shoeboxes across the county of Iasi and neighbouring counties. Many of the boxes are taken to rural destinations where conditions are still very poor for much of the population, in contrast to the rising standard of living to be found in the towns. Shoeboxes are often distributed in rural schools and kindergartens, children’s homes, hospitals and houses or flats.


The Rotarians take boxes to orphanages in the town of Cluj Napoca and also distribute boxes in rural locations.


The Prison Fellowship is run by their Executive Manager Andrei Csilik who took over after the premature death of the founder Constantin Asavoaie on Christmas Eve 2013.  The foundation built in 1993 for counselling prisoners and reintegrating them into the society has almost 5000 volunteers working in all Romanian prisons. As well as working in prisons, Prison Fellowship Romania helps the families of prisoners; young people with disadvantaged or disturbed backgrounds; vulnerable adults including those in their night shelters and Roma groups.  Rotary shoeboxes are given to families; adults; teenagers and children.


We deliver to a storage point in Tinaud which serves that village and Spurgeons’ other projects in Hidiselu, Hotar and Tulca, all in the vicinity of Oradea in Bihor county in western Romania. The staff run kindergartens and other support for the rural communities that are suffering increasingly because of high unemployment.







NetWorks mainly serves Roma communities in the county of Arad in Western Romania. Lee Saville (pictured) is the charity’s President and one of the founding members. Our liaison is with Dea Piscoi who facilitates NetWorks distribution of Rotary Shoeboxes to families and children who are among the poorest of the poor. The charity works to improve conditions for homeless people and those living in very basic accommodation, as part of their crisis programme. NetWorks also helps people to help themselves by cultivating food, drilling wells, starting small businesses and by encouraging children to attend school and giving them educational support.


The members of the team who have driven many lorryloads of shoeboxes to Eastern Europe.