How it Works

Rotary, Inner Wheel, Rotaract, Interact & Rota Kids Clubs purchase the special boxes from the Rotary Trustees (a small group of Rotarians who administer the scheme). The boxes are sent ‘flat packed’ to the Club.

It is then up to the club as to where to deliver the boxes for filling. Often local schools, children’s uniformed organizations, church groups, elderly peoples homes, friends, relatives, etc., are the ones who enthusiastically fill the boxes.

The person filling the box, sellotapes £3 to the top of the box. This is then retrieved by the local Club who, by this means, hopefully balance their books. The initial money retained by the Trustees is used  for delivering and collection of boxes from our supporters, transport costs to Eastern & Central Europe and for manufacturing the boxes.

The filled boxes are then returned to the central warehouse and for subsequent delivery to Eastern Europe.
Once delivered the boxes are distributed by Rotary Clubs and other tried and trusted partners ensuring that your gifts go to those most in need.
This is an all year round project with deliveries made wherever and whenever there is a need.


Box dimensions are:
Length 30.5cm (12″) x Width 15cm (6″) x Depth 12.5cm (5″)