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Clubs purchase the special boxes from the Rotary Shoebox Trustees. This money then covers all the costs of the scheme including transport costs both here and on to Central & Eastern Europe.

  • you can order by printing off the downloadable form, completing and mailing with a cheque
  • or you can pay and order electronically
  • for both options go to Order Boxes

You will see the list of prices depending on quantity.  Note that the more you buy, the cheaper they become.
If ordering small quantity, 100 or less, then you may be able to use one of our Satellite Warehouses around the country to collect your boxes

When ordering from us, the boxes are delivered direct to you in flat pack form. The club decides how to get the boxes filled. As well as your own members and families, schools, colleges, children’s uniformed organisations, church groups, etc., as well as Inner Wheel, Rotaract, RotaKids and Interact, enthusiastically fill boxes.

The person filling the box is invited to tape a coin to the outer box lid.

On collecting the filled boxes, this coin is then removed by the local Club who by this means, will hopefully reimburse their initial outlay.

Filled boxes are then returned to your Satellite Warehouse or to our main warehouse at Preston, Lancashire.

Alternatively go to the Return Boxes button at the top of this page and complete the form at the bottom of that page and we will arrange to collect direct from you.

The filled boxes are then returned to the central warehouse and for subsequent delivery to Eastern Europe.

Once delivered, distribution is overseen by Rotary Clubs, Spurgeons Child Care, Hope & Homes or the contacts of International Aid Trust, so ensuring that your gifts go to those most in need.

This is an all year round project with deliveries made wherever and whenever there is a need.

See Recent Distributions

Rotary Clubs dealing directly with schools can sometimes get frustrated by the number of unreturned and therefore lost boxes. In order to reduce this loss, some clubs find it better to ask for the coin in advance of distributing the boxes. This does however need the co-operation of the school secretary.
If you wish to try this, then we have included a sample letter for schools that you can download

Some clubs like to follow this up with a certificate for the school, in recognition of their having filled boxes. A sample certificate that can be personalised is available for download

Your contact for general Rotary enquiries can be found on the ‘Contact Us’ page