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Please be aware that there are a number of Shoebox Schemes and some Inner Wheel Clubs use these not realising that they are not the ROTARY Shoebox Scheme.

Check if your Rotary Club is involved with the Rotary Shoebox Scheme. If they are, then get them to order boxes for your club along with their own, since this will work out cheaper.

If they are not and you wish to take part then you can purchase the special boxes, which are the only ones to use, from the Rotary Trustees. Please be aware that our minimum order is for 25 boxes at a cost of £50. This money then covers all the costs of the scheme including transport costs both here and on to Central & Eastern Europe.

To order boxes go to Order Boxes and you will be able to order either by cheque or online payment.

The boxes are delivered direct to you in flat pack form. Please note that when you order boxes in this way, the note printed on the box regards taping a coin onto the outer box lid does not apply.

Alternatively, some Inner Wheel Clubs get together to use the Scheme as a District project and order boxes in bulk (making them much cheaper). They distribute and then collect them back in at a District Meeting.

Filled boxes are then returned to your regional centre or to our main warehouse at Preston, Lancashire. See Returning Boxes

Alternatively go to the  ‘Contact us’ button at the top of this, page and complete the collections form at the bottom of that page and we will arrange to collect direct from you.